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Ke'onna Frazier

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Ke’Onna is a Parent Facilitator for The Children’s Trust Parent Club at Be Strong International. She teaches parents how to keep our youth safe on social media by identifying ways for youth to best utilize social media as a tool, providing resources on how to track youth online, and giving ideas to teach children how to use social media.


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Keeping our Youth Safe in Social Media

Who is it for?

This video is for parents, legal guardians, or anyone who plays a role in a child’s life as a mentor auntie, uncles, even cousins, as long as they’re 18 years and over. This video will provide information on what parents need to know about their child’s social media accounts such as what age is appropriate for social media, recommended hours for youth on social media, list ideas for teaching responsibility to children when using social media and identify ways to keep children safe when operating online.

What is covered?

  1. Provide resources to parents on how to track youth online
  2. Identify the different social media accounts
  3.  Pros and Cons of Social Media
  4. How to best utilize Social Media as a tools/resource
  5. Satistics on daily user monthly on social media & downloads
  6. Fake profiles/ Spam pages
  7. Photos and videos content
  8. Online reputation
  9. Online danger
  10. How to set good examples to use social media

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